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More Info At Free-Conversant

There's a lot more information about Conversant on the Free-Conversant and tech support sites.

Conversant is
Internet Groupware

Shared knowledge is the most precious resource in modern organizations. Conversant is an information management tool designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration. Using the open standards of the Internet, we've built Conversant to have the widest reach while maintaining ultimate flexibility. It is, first and foremost, a tool for excellent communication. It allows your users to communicate with whoever they need to, however they need to, wherever they are. Conversant is Internet Groupware.

If you have questions after reading this document, or if you would like to discuss using Conversant in your organization, please contact us and someone on our team will be happy to discuss your situation and your options.

More Efficient Teamwork

With Conversant, your organization can view your information from anywhere and by any means you choose. Conversant gives you and your users the power to decide how to collaborate and share documents and data.

Conversant makes it easy to collaborate by allowing your oganization to use all the tools you're already comfortable with: your web browser, your newsreader, and your e-mail tool. There is no distraction of learning new tools, so there is no interruption of your organization's workflow. Instead, you immediately gain the benefits of easily shared information and effective communication.

Ease the Burden on the Sytem Administrator

Conversant makes it easier to manage your information infrastructure. System administrators save time by using Conversant's efficient administration system. Further, Conversant's easy to use interface reduces the need for time-consuming technical support.

Centralized Information and Security Management

  • Information Presentation
    Conversant's browser-based administration lets your administrator make global changes easily and simply, and have them apply immediately over your entire network. Conversant's template-based web design system makes it easy to control the look of your organization's intranet, extranet, or public website.

    Published web pages can be edited right in your browser, and the changes are reflected in the published pages immediately: there's no need to re-upload the page as there is with most systems.

  • Flexible Security
    Conversant makes it easy to keep data private, by assigning priveleges to groups and individuals. You can specify that one set of data is available to the public, another is available only to members of your organization, and yet another is only available to a select group. It's flexible security.

Tedious Tasks Made Quick and Easy

  • Manage Large Sites as Easily as Small Sites.
    Use templates and other simple point-and-click administration techniques to control the look and feel of an entire website (on the internet, intranet, or extranet). Change common elements on thousands of pages with just a few clicks.

  • Style Sheets Made Simple
    Use Conversant's administration tools to define and use as many Cascading Stylesheets as necessary. Creating a stylesheet is as easy as filling out a form.

  • Simple Delegation
    Conversant makes it simple to assign managerial responsibilites to different sections of your Conversant site. Using Conversant's "conversation" metaphor, you'll group information by department, geography, or team, and then assign admins to each conversation. Conversant's administration tools make it easy to assign membership and authority to whoever needs it.

Conversant Meets Your Needs Now, and In The Future

Conversant is an extremely versatile groupware solution right out of the box. Conversations can be viewed as traditional web pages, as discussion group messages, as private usenet-style newsgroup messages, as e-mail list messages, or however you and your users need. Conversant can connect to whatever tools you already use to manage your information, including your preferred client software, and just about anything on the server side, including your current (legacy) DBMS, mail server, list server, web server, etc. There's no need to replace your organization's information management tools: Conversant can augment them or replace them, at your discretion.

Extending Conversant

Conversant will improve your organization's communications systems and will make web site management a breeze... but that's just the beginning! Conversant has a very deep and rich plugin system for adding features of all kinds, allowing it to provide powerful solutions for almost any kind of internet application! Conversant's flexibility can be applied to:

  • managing an online catalog
  • eCommerce
  • contact tracking
  • distance learning (online training)
  • any task that combines information management, presentation, and delivery

More Information

Contact us for more information about using Conversant to improve communications and manage information in your organization.

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