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PrePress AutoTools  

What is PrePress AutoTools?

If you or your company process lots of QuarkXPress documents, AutoTools can help! It's a batch processing system for fixing some common problems in Quark documents, and for automating the printing process.

If you're experienced with AutoTools already, you might want to read the list of everything that changed in versions 1.1 and 1.2.

To read more about any of the features you're interested in, follow the links below or in the navigational menu on the left of each page, or see the documentation.

  • Create PostScript
    Create PostScrpt files to your specifications, from any number of QuarkXPress files. Set your printing preferences just once, and walk away!
  • PreFlight
    Run a series of tests on every document, to identify files that should not be printed (AutoTools fixes many of these problems, too).
  • Hot Folders
    Also known as "Watched Folders", this new feature allows you to set everything up for all the tasks you wish to run, and AutoTools will then process any files which appear in the folder you've specified. It's even possible to run AutoTools on one Mac, and send it the files you want printed from other macs on the network.
  • Batch Processing
    Set up a job in less than a minute, then walk away while every document you've specified is tested, processed, and printed.
  • QuarkXPress 4 Compatible
    Anything that AutoTools can do with earlier versions of QuarkXPress can now be done with Quark 4, including batch printing!
  • Customization
    Write or purchase special 'filter scripts', in AppleScript or UserTalk, to add to the list of functions which AutoTools can perform on your QuarkXPress documents.
  • Easy to Use!
    AutoTools has a fun, clean, and intuitive interface.
  • Job Sorting
    Includes an intelligent job sorting function that makes receiving new jobs very easy

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