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PrePress AutoTools 1.2

What is PrePress AutoTools?

PrePress Autotools is software for your Macintosh, to automate common prepress tasks. The best description of PrePress AutoTools, that we know of, was in MacWeek, in the March, 1998, issue.

This newest version, PrePress AutoTools 1.2, is dramatically improved, with many new features and lots of bugs fixed. In fact, every bug reported in AutoTools has been fixed!

Monday, June 15, 1998

PrePress AutoTools 1.2 is ready now!

For a list of all the changes and improvements made since AutoTools 1.0 or 1.1 was released, read the full Version History.

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Follow the links at the left of this page, to read in more detail about the specific tasks which AutoTools is ready to automate for you, how you can extend and customize AutoTools to make it fit your particular needs, or to read more about the many other useful tools built into this software.

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