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Installing AutoTools


If you don't already have a copy of PreFab PlayerTM or Player RuntimeTM installed on your system, then a demo version of PreFab PlayerTM will automatically be installed. This demo version expires after 30 days. HOWEVER, when you purchase/ register PrePress AutoTools, a fully licensed copy of PreFab Player RuntimeTM will be sent to you, to replace the demo copy.

If you are a Macintosh Scripter or Programmer, and would like more information about PreFab Player, visit PreFab Software on the web, at http://www.prefab.com/.

  1. Download
    You'll need PrePress AutoTools and Frontier 5.0.1 or 5.0.2
    (if you don't already have a copy).

  2. Decompress
    Decompress all the files you downloaded.
  3. Extensions Off
    Restart your computer with extensions off, before continuing.

    As an alternative to running with extensions off, you can manually open the Extensions folder and remove the file "FaceSpan Extensions 2.1". This extension is being replaced with a newer version, but can not be removed while the Extensions are running.

  4. RAM Requirements
    Set the Preferred Size for Frontier's memory allocation (in the Info window, in the Finder) to at least 8192 Kilobytes (8 megabytes).
  5. Set Up Frontier
    If this is the first time you've run Frontier, or if you're installing with a new Frontier.root file, launch Frontier and fill in the User Registration information (name, company, and initials). You must "Personalize" Frontier first, otherwise installation will fail.
  6. Launch the Installer
    Double click on the installer, named "Install PrePress AutoTools". The picture to the left (four color circle with black arrow) is the icon for the installer.
  7. Choose a Frontier.root
    In the installer, click on the Select button, and choose the Frontier.root file in which you wish to install the AutoTools files.
  8. Install
    Click on the Install button. Installation takes less than two minutes, and progress can be followed in the scrolling text field in the Installer's window. Also, watch for special instructions.
  9. Quit and Restart
    Click on the Quit button, which will close down Frontier and the Installer. Then, restart by the normal methods (choose Restart from the Special menu in the Finder).

More information on installing PrePress AutoTools can be found in the Read Me file, which is in the AutoTools 1.1 folder.

For a list of all the changes and improvements made since AutoTools 1.1 was released, read the full Version History.

After installation is complete, and you've restarted your Mac, start exploring the software! Launch AutoTools by Frontier first, and then PrePress AutoTools 1.2. To process a file, drag a QuarkXPress file's icon onto one of the buttons in the Tasks window, in Autotools. (or, select a number of tasks, and click on "Go!"

You can read more about using AutoTools in the documentation.

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