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The Bottom Line

PrePress AutoTools 1.2 costs $289.

Demonstration Copy

You may download and test with PrePress AutoTools for up to 10 days, free of charge.

If you forget to register the software, AutoTools will disable itself after the 10 day trial period has passed. It will still be launchable, but you will not be able to do anything except register it. Once you enter your registration key, it will return to full functionality.

How to Register and Purchase

There are two ways to register and purchase your copy of PrePress AutoTools.

The first and fastest method is to pay by credit card, using DigiBuy's secure credit card transaction services. Your registration code, and a fully licensed copy of PreFab Player Runtime will be emailed to you by the end of the next business day.

The second method is to fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page. We'll use this information to register your software, and will send you an invoice for AutoTools. When we've received payment (or a Purchase Order, if your company qualifies) we'll send you the Software Key for AutoTools, and a fully licensed copy of PreFab Player Runtime.

Note:we will only use this information for registration purposes, and for providing you with timely information about PrePress AutoTools (such as upgrade notices). We will never provide this information to anyone else for any reason.

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