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These are just some scripts that I've found useful, or some helpful notes...

  • Siteliner 1.0b10

    Create heirarchial, outline based navigation bars, as seen in the on the left hand side of this site. Various other forms of navigation also included. Current version is 1.0b9.

    Please note: Siteliner has been moved to a new section. The link above still works, but your bookmarks may need updating. See the navigation bar to the left.

  • Relative Images in JavaScripts

    Call this script from your Final Filter in Frontier 5, and you can use relative image paths in your JavaScripts. I've found this to be very handy, I hope you do too!

  • HTML Performance

    A script used for demonstrating the speed of the HTML framework in Frontier. Compatible with all versions of Frontier since 4.2.3.

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