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Frontier Scripting


    Tonto is Frontier's sidekick! It's an application and a Frontier suite, which when combined can make your work, in many applications (including Frntier), much more productive.

    Currently free, while in alpha and beta testing. Will eventually be released as shareware.

HTML Tools

  • Siteliner 1.0b10

    Create heirarchial, outline based navigation bars, as seen in the on the left hand side of this site. Various other forms of navigation also included. Current version is 1.0b9.

    Please note: Siteliner has been moved to a new section. The link above still works, but your bookmarks may need updating. See the navigation bar to the left.

  • Relative Images in JavaScripts

    Call this script from your Final Filter in Frontier 5, and you can use relative image pages in your JavaScripts. I've found this to be very handy, I hope you do too!

  • HTML Performance

    A script used for demonstrating the speed of the HTML framework in Frontier. Compatible with all versions of Frontier since 4.2.3.


  • The Queue Suite

    The Queue Suite is a set of scripts for use within Frontier versions 4 through 6. The function of a queue is simple: it's a system for processing items 'one at a time' in the order in which they are received. This is also known as a First In First Out Processing System.

    Before The Queue Suite, Frontier only had easy access to stacks, which are functionally opposite to queues: they are Last In First Out systems.

  • Frontier 5 Verbalist Suite

    Outline of every built-in verb in the Frontier 5 root. Outline includes the complete calling syntax of each verb, and the scripts for generating the outline are included.

  • Mac OS File Labels

    Set file labels (Mac OS only) by name or index with equal speed. Uses no appleEvent calls, so it's very fast and very stable.

Application Glue Tables

  • Rumpus

    Rumpus is FTP Server Software for the Macintosh. This is the application glue table, which allows you to add, delete, and modify user information in Rumpus's user database, through AppleEvents. Includes various utility scripts to make user-management easier.


  • Tile Open Windows

    This script tiles all of the visbile, open windows, in Frontier. It's an ugly script, but it works, and it's pretty quick.

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