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  • The Queue Suite

    The Queue Suite is a set of scripts for use within Frontier versions 4 through 6. The function of a queue is simple: it's a system for processing items 'one at a time' in the order in which they are received. This is also known as a First In First Out Processing System.

    Before The Queue Suite, Frontier only had easy access to stacks, which are functionally opposite to queues: they are Last In First Out systems.

  • Frontier 5 Verbalist Suite

    Includes a pre-built outline of all Frontier 5 built-in verbs, and the scripts used for generating the outline. Includes the full calling syntax for every verb. The scripts can be pointed at any table in the root, and will build an outline of every verb.

  • Mac OS File Labels

    Set file labels (Mac OS only) by name or index with equal speed. Uses no appleEvent calls, so it's very fast and very stable.

    The final version of this suite was released on April 20, 1998.

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