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workspace.tileWindows( ) does exactly what the name implies: it tiles all of the open and visible windows. If the About Frontier window is open, it make's sure that it is positioned at the top of the monitor, and the rest of the windows are tiled below the About Frontier window.

The script takes no parameters. I prefer to call it from a menu script, in my custom menu, that looks like this:

if ( kb.shiftKey( ) ) {
    workspace.tileWindows( ) }
else {
    window.open( @workspace ) }

With the command key for this menu item set to command-T, I can either open the workspace window (the default action of cmd-T), or Tile the open windows.

This script has only been tested on Macintosh systems running OS 8.1 and Frontier 5.1.4. It is not currently compatible with Frontier 4, because of the parts of the script that work with the About Frontier window (though it wouldn't be very hard to change that part, if somebody wants it).


This is a fatpage, so you've already downloaded the data for this script. Now you just need to import it into Frontier. Click on the FatPage icon, above, to read more about FatPages.

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