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Tonto 1.0b7

©1998 - 1999 Macrobyte Resources
Written by Seth Dillingham

Special thanks to James Spahr for producing most
of the icons used in Tonto. James, you're a very talented artist!

Tonto is a small helper application for Frontier. It puts up a small floating window which displays buttons, in any application, for activating your specified Frontier scripts.

The floating window is available in all applications, and the buttons shown in the window can be global (all apps), context-sensitive (specific to the frontmost app), or a combination of both.

Coming Soon

Tonto is almost complete. The following features are all that remain:

  • Better documentation
  • Popup Menus in the Tonto window

Software License

The software ("Tonto") may be used for up to 30 days, free of charge, for evaluation purposes only. After that time, if you wish to continue using Tonto, you must purchase a license. After purchasing a license, you may install and use Tonto on one computer only. You may not redistribute Tonto.

Note that unregistered, pre-release versions of Tonto expire on specific dates, rather than after 30 days. The current expiry date for version 1.0b7 is November 1, 1999.

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