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Tonto 1.0b7

The following changes were made since version 1.0b6:

  • View Icons

    Under the file menu, you'll find a new item, "Show Icons". Selecting this new menu item opens a window which lists all of the icons available to Tonto, showing the icon, the id number, and the resource name (either the id or the name can be used to assign the icon to a button).

  • Expiration Date

    If not registered, this version will expire November 1, 1999. Note that you can register your version of Tonto at DigiBuy. (Note that if you submit a bug report, you're free to continue using Tonto betas, free of charge, until 1.0 is released. Also, when 1.0 is finally released, the price of Tonto will go up a little.

Tonto 1.0b6

The following changes were made since 1.0b4 (1.0b5 was not released publicly):

  • Register a List of Scripts

    If you need to register more than one script at a time, there's now a much faster way to do it. Create a list of records, in which each record contains the information for one new script being registered. This means that instead of sending one AppleEvent for every new script, you only have to send one AppleEvent, period.

  • (De-)Activate Window Updates

    A new script was added, tonto.setUpdateWindow( flUpdate, seconds ), which controls whether or not the window is updated when buttons (scripts) are added to it. This is especially useful when adding more than one button at a time (such as when registering all cached scripts): just set it to 'false' first, then add the scripts, then set it back to true. The 'seconds' parameter is a number: after that number of seconds have passed, it will automatically turn updates back on again. (It's a safety net.)

  • Different Caption Sizes

    All buttons styles can be displayed with their captions in any of three sizes: small, medium, or large. This pref will be remembered the next time you launch Tonto. Set this preference in the Tonto application itself: this preference isn't yet scriptable.

  • More Icons

    James Spahr came through yet again, by providing a number of new icons for use in Tonto. All you have to do is replace the old Tonto Icons file with the new one!

Tonto 1.0b4.2

There was only one change made in Tonto 1.0b4.2:

  • Frontier 4 Installer
    The installer in Tonto 1.0b4 did not work with Frontier 4, due to a small oversight (and late hours). It's fixed.

Tonto 1.0b4

There were three significant improvements, changes, and bug fixes made in Tonto 1.0b4 including:

  • More Icons

    The Tonto Icons file, included in the archive, includes 15 new icons from James Spahr. Thanks, James!

  • Better F4 Compatibility

    Compatibility with Frontier 4 has been improved. The installer included with the previous version did not properly install the Tonto menu into the suites menu.

  • Variable Widths

    The width of Tonto's buttons (and therefore the Tonto window) are now variable, dependant on the length of the longest caption being displayed (limited to 31 characters).

    So, if all captions are short, the buttons will be short and the window will be narrow.

    Note that this obviously does not apply to the "icons only" view, which does not display captions.

Tonto 1.0b3

There were six significant improvements, changes, and bug fixes made in Tonto 1.0b3 including:

  • Frontier 4 Compatible

    The installer and the suite has now been tested and run successfullly with Frontier 4 and 5. If you encounter any problems, please notify Seth.

  • Window Refresh

    The problems with window refreshing have been solved, and you'll find that the window often redraws faster than it used to, when you're loading up a set of cached scripts.

  • Cache Format Finalized

    The cache format has been enhanced, a little bit. Your cache should now be contained in only one menubar object, at user.tonto.["script cache"].

    Read more about this final format of the script cache, in tonto.#readme.

  • Window Position

    The position of the Tonto window, at the time that it is closed, is restored the next time that Tonto is launched.

  • Startup Mode

    You can set your preferred "mode" for the Tonto window, by changing user.tonto.startupMode.

  • 1 = icons only
  • 2 = captions only
  • 3 = icons and captions together
  • Threaded Buttons

    Pressing a button in Tonto now launches a new thread in Frontier, to process the script triggered by the button. This allows you to launch scripts from Tonto which actually modify Tonto somehow.

    Technically speaking, it solves the non-reentrancy problem of previous versions.

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