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AppleEvents in REALbasic


This section of our site is dedicated to improving the support for AppleEvents in two places:

  • REALbasic itself, by working with REAL Software to improve the language's support for AppleEvents in general
  • Applications created with REALbasic, by providing information to the authors.

As this site progresses, we're including the following elements:

  • Explanations
    Concepts and terminology, usually with reference to the appropriate sections of Inside Macintosh: Inter-Application Communication (the official AE documentation from Apple)We haven't posted this section yet. Expect it by the end of April, 1999.

  • Tips and Samples
    Last Updated: Fri, Dec 18, 1998
    Tips and sample code for accomplishing numerous 'real world tasks' in RB with AE's. Also provides links to other important pages and software packages. View the Tips and Samples page.

  • Reusable Code
    Downloadable, reusable project code (like the Spell Check Demo). See the Tips and Samples page for a list of what's currently available.

  • Free Plugins
    Here, we take some of the tasks which are difficult, or at least time consuming, to accomplish with AppleEvents, and package them as REALbasic Plugins. Many of these plugins accomplish their tasks hundreds of times faster than AppleEvents, and you can generally use these professional quality plugins for free (with some restrictions). See the Plugins Pages for a list of the plugins we offer now.

Available Now

This site is brand new! As a result, not everything is ready yet. What is available right now is a sample project that demonstrates how you can integrate a spell checker into your application, with the use of AppleEvents.

Read more about the spell checker demo (includes link for download).

Macrobyte Resources actively develops applications and components in REALbasic. These pages contain those bits and pieces that we've released publicly.

REALbasic is not a scripting language, but most of our work has focused on improving the support for AppleEvents in applications created with REALbasic.

Site last updated Friday, February 11, 2000
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