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The Siteliner Suite 1.0b10

When redesigning this site for the PrePress AutoTools product launch, we received design guidance from the Frontier Webmaster list, which was (at the time) hosted and run by UserLand Software. (Special thanks also goes to Andrew Duncan, who did a bit of extra work to help bring about the design change).

Many people asked for the scripts that were used to generate the outline-based navigation links on the left of these pages. The result is this suite!

It's very likely that bugs will be found, and more features will be wanted. In either case, send some email.


This suite requires:
  • Any version of Frontier 5
  • blox, by Brian Andresen of Technology Solutions
  • A bit of patience! After all, this is beta software!


Things to watch out for:
  • The current version of suites.blox has a small bug that you can fix yourself.
    1. Jump to suites.blox.utilities
    2. Replace every occurence of "xml." with "blox."
  • Check user.siteliner.sl_spacerScriptAdr - it should be set to the address of a script in suites.siteliner.spacers . If it isn't, then change it to either "@suites.siteliner.spacers.imageSpacer" or "@suites.siteliner.spacers.stringSpacer"


  • Outline-Based Navigation
    Your site is configured like an outline: one master directory, your site's root, contains pages and sub-directories. Each of those sub-directories contain more of the same. This is your site's heirarchy. Siteliner produces navigation outlines that mirror that heirarchy, without the clutter that would result from showing every page at the same time.

  • Sort Order is Maintained
    Your preferred sort order (the order that entries appear in the navigational outline) is maintained with a directive which must appear in each page (except default pages). The sorting directive for default pages should be placed in the table containing the default page object.

    The point is that you can add pages, regenerate the siteline (with a single menu command), and your preferred page ordering in the outline is never lost!

  • Flexibility
    Siteliner has many options to make it as flexible as possible. Much of the displayable outline is configurable with directives, and there are lots of ways to override settings at subsequent levels of the site's heirarchy.

    Also, there are multiple views available for your siteline. Currently, there are only two default views, the standard siteline (used on our site) and the Explorer-Style siteline, which you can see on the Explorer Demo pages.

Site last updated Tuesday, May 9, 2000
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